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Bringing Awareness to the “trauma factor” in Virtual Schooling

Helping our children with schoolwork is a challenge. We can quickly find ourselves lost in the middle of one power struggle after another. Overwhelm, frustration, uncertainty and panic have left me throwing my hands in the air and wanting to quit. Only I know I can’t quit. I can’t quit on myself and I can’t quit on them…

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Parenting Tips for a Calm and Connected Christmas

There’s no doubt that parenting around the holidays can bring an equal amount of both. We buy the gifts, prepare the foods, decorate the tree, watch our Hallmark movies, and inevitably find ourselves frustrated at some point, that our ideal holiday is interrupted by the reality of our chaotic lives.

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From special podcast guests to continuing education training Mama’s Well provides access to the latest and greatest developments and time-tested methods for supporting the growth and development of foster and adoptive children. And at the core of Mama’s Well is a focus on the health and wellness of those providing the care. So welcome to Mama’s Well. Dig deep!!!


A source from which something may be drawn as needed…


To rise to the surface and flow forth…


With skill and aptitude, in a way appropriate to the facts or circumstances…


Free or recovered, being a cause for thankfulness…