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The Role of Connection in Addiction Prevention and Recovery

Very few people have not in some way been impacted by addiction. One study I read said that over 50% of Americans reported substance abuse in their families. Addiction is a scary thing, and if it’s touched your life personally, you know what I mean. As an adult child of an addict, I am well aware of the scars it leaves behind on children.

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Applying TBRI Principles To Marriage

Parenting “can”and, I’m really wanting to use the verb, “will” create strain on our marriages. If you’ve been parenting longer than a weekend, you are clear on that, I’m sure. When you add in parenting a child with significant needs from early childhood abuse, neglect, trauma, or any adversity, you will most likely find yourself and your relationship feeling exposed, and fragile.

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The one thing a parent can always control

Parenting at times can leave me feeling inadequate, powerless and afraid. My response to these fearful feelings? Control of course! Control the situation, the behavior, and my child. Whatever I perceive to be causing my immediate discomfort I want to shut it up and shut it down.

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Attached or Entangled, Recognizing Codependency in Parenting

Have you ever heard the saying “a mother is only as happy as her most unhappy child”? What do you think about that? Hummm, for those of us with several children, the odds are not in our favor. When people we love struggle, it hurts. When our children struggle, it can feel excruciating.

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Real Conversations About Marriage and Parenting

Kyle and I will celebrate 29 years of marriage this June. We met on an old school bus on the way to what what Aggies call Fish Camp in 1990. Fish Camp is a summer camp intended to teach incoming freshmen the traditions of Texas A&M, as well as provide an opportunity to make some new friends before school starts.

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New Year. Know You PART TWO – Understanding the Enneagram

The enneagram is an ancient method for identifying traits and tendencies that can be vital to understanding ourselves and the way we interact with the world. The time tested system can be extremely helpful in making sense of our current parenting styles and providing insight that expedites the opportunity for meaningful change.

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New Year, Know You… Understanding the Enneagram

What if the New Year could bring us new understanding of ourselves that would have a profound effect on our relationships and parenting????? This week we join Enneagram Coach and the Founder of Soulwell – Kelly Burnett to discuss the enneagram and how it can bring new revelations to our new year!

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A source from which something may be drawn as needed…


To rise to the surface and flow forth…


With skill and aptitude, in a way appropriate to the facts or circumstances…


Free or recovered, being a cause for thankfulness…