Episode 26
2 suitcases and 4000 miles… One adoptive couple’s story of finding their children.

Have you ever done something that just seemed crazy…something the rest of the world might even label “irresponsible”? Ever leap before you see the net? Ever say “yes” before you’re certain? Your heart says “go” and your brain says “wait”, but you ignore the logic of the brain and chose the heart…it’s scary, but you just know it’s right…

Tales of grand adventure, selfless love, and daring leaps of faith are inspiring and honestly, can be quite contagious. Foster care and adoption calls us out into deep, uncharted waters, places that require great risk. But, great rewards are rarely without great risks.

On this week’s episode of the Mama’s Well Podcast, I’m sitting down with Emily Westbrooks, a fellow foster/adoptive mom, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for the last 6 years. I had a front row seat to her and her husband Michael’s adventurous journey that led them across the Atlantic and back in order to find their beautiful children and start their family.

Emily shares about her experience with the foster care system, the adoptive process, her search for connection with biological family, and the sacrifices made in order to create a nurturing environment for their children’s growth.

I would love to hear your stories of risk and adventure through foster care and adoption. Email me at Tara@mamaswell.com or share in the comment section below…❤️

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For more of The Westbrook’s adventures visit Emily’s blog


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2 years ago

Oh my gosh I can relate to her adoption story so much!!!

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