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Lessons from loss, one mothers story

In this episode, Janet Ropp shares her story of addiction, loss, and recovery. Her insights into the dangers of co-dependence in the parent-child relationship provide needed information for all parents.

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Deeply connected and broken

The truth is, that it is in the acknowledgement of our own brokenness that we can connect the most deeply with others. In our own brokenness we find the humility, empathy, and understanding we need to truly relate to another’s suffering. And where could that be needed more than in the lives of children from hard places?

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Words of wisdom from a 12 time foster mom

They say if you want to climb a mountain, go with someone who’s climbed one before…That saying couldn’t be more true in the world of foster care. Providing for the needs of kids from hard places, while an honorable pursuit, is a challenge for even seasoned veterans like Lauren Bedevian, the guest on this week’s Mamas Well Podcast.

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Suicide – a topic we can’t ignore

Death by suicide is the #1 killer of individuals from 15 – 24 years old and the #10 killer of individuals in America. And when you dive in to the statistics of our population that have experienced trauma, the numbers understandably mount. Twenty two veterans take their lives daily. Adopted children are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide.

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Answers to 5 questions every foster parent asks

Understanding foster care can be overwhelming and has a steep learning curve. It’s easy to find ourselves stuck in a perpetual state of confusion. While part of being a foster parent is learning to accept the various “unknowns” of our child’s future, we can seek answers to many of our questions from those who have who have walked this journey again and again.

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From special podcast guests to continuing education training Mama’s Well provides access to the latest and greatest developments and time-tested methods for supporting the growth and development of foster and adoptive children. And at the core of Mama’s Well is a focus on the health and wellness of those providing the care. So welcome to Mama’s Well. Dig deep!!!


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