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The grief work of adoption with Melissa Christian

Adoption is a beautiful experience. The acceptance of one human being into the lives of others for shared relationship, safety and love is remarkable. The story is so beautiful in fact, that it almost makes the darker, heavier side of the adoption journey invisible to all but those who experience it first hand.

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The road to belonging

The human condition includes a healthy dose of longing to belong. This condition is magnified in the case of children from chaotic backgrounds. Trauma, abuse, neglect, and absence of biological connection can result in children going to extreme measures to find a place to fit in.

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Sometimes I act like the child instead of the parent

Parenting can be a lot like a game of tag. We run around doing all the things that parents do and every once in a while, right in the middle of our interactions with our children, we find ourselves needing a place to breathe deep, collect our thoughts, and recognize our emotions.

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The word every kid loves to hear

I’ve alway said my children are my teachers and the more I look for the ways they are teaching me, the more I notice them…I also notice that when there is something for me to learn or embrace I will begin to see it everywhere.

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A source from which something may be drawn as needed…


To rise to the surface and flow forth…


With skill and aptitude, in a way appropriate to the facts or circumstances…


Free or recovered, being a cause for thankfulness…