Episode 71
Answers to 5 questions every foster parent asks

Understanding foster care can be overwhelming and has a steep learning curve. It’s easy to find ourselves stuck in a perpetual state of confusion. While part of being a foster parent is learning to accept the various “unknowns” of our child’s future, we can seek answers to many of our questions from those who have who have walked this journey again and again. Knowing what we can know, prepares not only our hearts, but helps us prepare our families, our homes and our communities for the arrival of a child in need. Foster parent mentors, Amber Robinson and Lauren Bedevian, join Tara Hutton this week to answer five 5 questions every foster parent wants to know in just 36 minutes.

• (4:00) How can I prepare for a placement?

• (10:25) What happens when I get the call?

• (15:21) What do I need to know about the first 30 days?

• (22:29) What is life going to look like for the next 12 to 18 months?

• (30:10) How do I navigate the courts and the legal system?

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Experienced foster parent mentor, Amber Robinson, brings a lot clarity to the legal processes involved in foster care. She discusses best practices for communicating important information to caseworkers, agencies, CASA and attorneys as well as many other helpful tips and stories including how she and her husband, Randall, have cultivated a beautiful relationship with the biological grandmother and siblings of their 2 adopted sons.
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