Episode 43
Former Fortune 500 CEO, George Lindahl, finds life purpose in mentoring foster children

“The real joy in life is helping someone else” is the mantra of George Lindahl. He has experienced business and financial success to a degree that few ever achieve and now boils his definition of success down to that one simple statement. “I made more money than I could ever spend and then asked, what’s left to do? I was lonely and unfulfilled.”

That’s when he turned his attention to what he calls the 5 L’s. People in our society who are lonely, lost, looked over, least, and last. Angel Reach, a group in north Houston who works with foster children who have aged out of the system, and kinship families, caught his attention and he began to invest the two resources he could bring to the table – money and time. “It’s easy to write a check but the real rewards come from spending time with foster kids and families” Lindahl says. “Kids in the foster community fit all of the 5 L’s and are in such need of love and direction.”

Given that time and love are unarguably the most important things needed, that places foster mommas and daddy’s in a special category. They are the front line defense to children aging out of a troubled system and becoming yet another statistic in a repetitive cycle that can span generations. And while the investment in the lives of kids from hard places can be grueling, there is a reward as expressed in Lindahl’s mantra. Joy.

Don’t miss this weeks episode of the Mama’s Well Podcast as we talk significance vs. success, mentoring, building homes in Honduras, and more. Be encouraged in your journey from the message, and the reminder of where really joy comes from.

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Check out the Book George Recommends

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Karen Andrews
Karen Andrews
2 years ago

This is an incredible story! Thanks MAMA!

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