Episode 61
Hope for the foster care/adoptive journey – with Emily Chapman Richards

Dig in to the stories of foster / adoptive families and you’re likely to find a multitude of similarities, including the motivation for choosing the journey. Growing a family, responding to a known need, feeling a faith based tug, are just a few of the instigators that put parents on this wonderful twisting path.

Regardless the initial motivation, another similarity tends to be the realization that the road is a bit more challenging to navigate than expected. Family of origin work, unfamiliar behavioral patterns, medical needs, and dealing with trauma all require education and resources that, in most cases, are not necessarily in the existing parenting tool box.

The great news is that there are a myriad of resources available to foster / adoptive parents and this week on the Mama’s Well Podcast we’re talking about it with the Executive Director of Show Hope, Emily Chapman Richards. In fact, you’ll learn about an upcoming online conference, “Hope for the Journey”, an amazing educational session that can plug you in to cutting edge resources and continue to help you expand your foster adoptive community.

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Check out the Hope for the Journey Conference here

And here’s a little more about this weeks guest:
Emily Chapman Richards serves as Show Hope’s Executive Director. She has enjoyed watching Show Hope grow from a dream in her parents’ heart to an organization that has helped thousands of children come to know the love of a family. After earning her bachelor’s in International Studies and Religion from Baylor University, Emily continued her education while living abroad, graduating from Queen’s University Belfast with a Masters of Theology. Emily is married to Tanner, and together, they are the proud parents of three beautiful ladies—Eiley, Della, and Verity. Emily is a visionary and a dreamer and has long remained a passionate advocate for adoption and orphan care efforts.

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