Episode 24
How Foster / Adoptive children require parents to grow – One Mom’s story

There are things in life that cause us to grow. Things that insist upon us moving from one level of tolerance, capability, and knowledge to another. This week on the Mamas Well Podcast we talk with Dr. Jennifer Bogardus, an adoptive mom who shares a story of hope, grief, growth and connection.

Jennifer and her family have adopted two special needs children through international adoption. And this is not the first challenge that has faced the Bogardus family. Jen’s husband Kyle was deployed for two 1+ year stints to the Middle East, and while the Army Wife scenario proved difficult, Jen admits that those deployments were, in many ways, easier than the challenges facing foster/adoptive parents.

The truth is that parenting kids from hard places is extreme and one of the most vital resources is an outlet to express the feelings that come up along the way. Expression combats depression. An important thing to remember in the face of a challenge and something that all foster/adoptive parents need to remember. While every child, and therefore, situation is different, the similarities in the struggle allow for a deep connection between those down in the trenches fighting the same battles. Foster / Adoptive groups can be found online, through faith based organizations, and through child placement agencies.

Mamas Well is dedicated to providing resources to help you along your foster/adoptive journey, and hopefully feel less isolated and more connected to others who have chosen your same path. A resource library, podcast archive and more are available at www.mamaswell.com

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Check out this article from one of my favorite people, Hungarian Holocaust survivor, Dr. Edith Eger. https://www.livehappy.com/science/profiles/choosing-hope-life-edith-eva-eger?nopaging=1

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