Episode 80
Moving through the Hard of Divorce – with adoptive Mama Misty Miears

When our kids are “littles”, we have all kinds of big dreams for their futures. As they get older, our visions and hopes for them shift and morph into something even more grand, more fun and more exciting! The older they get, the more tangible it can become to us as parents. Rarely is what we are seeing for them anything that resembles the hard and the traumatic that can often come with real life…in the real world.

In adoptive families, many parents know and prepare for road bumps; even though many times, what our kiddos end up experiencing by way of struggle may or may not be in the ballpark of what we prepared for. No one gets through life without hard and hurt and loss and grief and death and ugly stuff. Adoptive kiddos start out in this world, be it during the primitive years of childhood or at birth, with a really big traumatic loss… and THEN the hard and hurt and loss and grief and death and ugly stuff of life still comes. We can prepare for some of the hard we may enter into as an adoptive parent, as it is wise to do so. …and still, life throws us the things we are incapable of preparing for.

Join us as we step into the beauty and the brokenness of an adoptive mom who is walking out the hard, the hurt, the loss, the death and the ugly of divorce with her adoptive daughter.

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