Episode 42
Sometimes I act like the child instead of the parent

Remember tag on the school yard? Running, laughing, screaming and having an all around good time, until whoever was “it” got close??? Then it’s a mad dash for home base. That sacred place where you’re safe. Where you can catch your breath and regroup before heading back into the game.

Parenting can be a lot like a game of tag. We run around doing all the things that parents do and every once in a while, right in the middle of our interactions with our children, we find ourselves needing a place to breathe deep, collect our thoughts, and recognize our emotions. A “safe seat” where we can nurture the child inside us that has been triggered by the behavior of our own children. An opportunity to move from a primal response to a response from a healthy, connected parent.

Sounds like a great idea right? Sign me up!!!

We all understand that we’re the parent, but if we’re honest I think we’d all admit that at times it’s hard to tell who’s the bigger child in the relationship. I can’t tell you how many times my knee-jerk reaction to a situation with my daughters looks like an angry fit thrown by a grade school version of myself that just got tagged at recess!

Well, guess what? This week on the Mamas Well Podcast I’m talking with parenting coach and adoptive mom, Leslie Potter, about ways to do well in the game of parenting tag. Leslie’s practical approach to recognizing and channeling the negative emotions and energy that can show up for the best intentioned parent are as brilliant as they are simple to execute. And she encourages and challenges us to get good at the “safe seat” strategy so that we can create healthy attachment with our little loved ones.

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For more from Leslie visit https://purejoyparenting.com

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