Episode 60
The Christmas gift for moms that keeps on giving – with Anna Valdez

Over the next few days we’ll experience a substantial amount of gift giving and receiving as we gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas. But let’s be honest, while there will be a few “home run” gifts, there’s likely to be a few returns, a few toys lost or broken within days, and a few gifts received that leave you wondering “what in the world????”.

This week on the Mama’s Well Podcast were sitting down with our friend and former guest Anna Valdez to receive a gift for moms that will keep on giving long after the decorations come down.

The gift of self-acceptance.

It’s one of the most valuable and most elusive presents because it’s one that we have to give to ourselves. And the difficulty lies in the fact that when we need it most is when we feel we deserve it the least.

In this episode we talk with Anna about parenting challenges and situations that can leave us feeling inept, angry, ashamed, and how to break negative cycles by unwrapping the gift of self-acceptance.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Mama’s Well. We hope you’ll gift yourself with a listen to this episode during this beautiful holiday season!

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