Episode 55
The regulating power of music with Radney Foster and Kyle Hutton

Rhythm is essential to a healthy body and an health mind. Every person in the world can probably think of something rhythmic that makes them feel better: walking, swimming, music, dance, the sound of waves crashing on the beach… – Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D.

For Radney Foster and Kyle Hutton it’s definitely music. Songwriting to be more precise. The exercise of telling stories, weaving words and melodies into an emotion evoking listening experience. The act itself, therapy for them, has given them a gift that they can now share with others. An opportunity to process and regulate.

Foster and Hutton both have first hand experience with the foster / adoptive world. Radney’s mother and father adopted two of his siblings and acted as unofficial foster parents for many during their years in Del Rio, Texas. Hutton is an adoptee and foster/adoptive father and has used music to process many of the complex emotions brought on by his experiences.

Few would argue the emotional impact that music has on the world. It’s interesting to consider that at the core of that impact is the word rhythm. In the womb we’re introduced to it at the rate of 60 – 80 beats per minute (BPM) as we experience our mothers heartbeat. And for many, like Foster and Hutton, there’s a lifelong love affair with the rhythms found in music and the regulatory and connective benefits that it brings.

Don’t miss this episode of the Mama’s Well Podcast where we discuss Radney’s songwriting work with soldiers with PTSD, Hutton and Foster’s collaboration to raise awareness for foster children, and more.

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Learn how songwriting is helping soldiers with PTSD.
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