Episode 46
The road to belonging

The human condition includes a healthy dose of longing to belong. This condition is magnified in the case of children from chaotic backgrounds. Trauma, abuse, neglect, and absence of biological connection can result in children going to extreme measures to find a place to fit in. While some of these efforts are viewed by society as overtly harmful, drug & alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, running away from safe places, many can look good on the surface. Athletic, scholastic, or monetary achievement, acceptance into the right social circles, and workplace success can also be outcomes fueled by a longing to belong.

The problem is, that the fulfillment that comes from achievement is typically short lived. Leaving us feeling more broken and out of place.

This week on the Mama’s Well Podcast we talk with Foster / Adoptive Mom, Natul Middlebrook. Natul provides some great insight to the plight of the “marginalized” in our society and shares truths from her own journey as a child looking for a place to belong.–

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Check out Natul’s ministry, The Hugg Collective, here

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