Episode 70
Things adoptees want us to know – “I’m afraid I’ll be abandoned” with Madison Wright

Somewhere between loyalty to their adoptive parents and a natural longing to understand their birth story you’ll find an adoptee with questions. Granted, it’s an awkward situation for everyone involved, but as Sherrie Eldridge explains in her book 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish their Adopted Parents Knew we are “journey mates” to our adopted children. We’re in this together, and being there for our adoptees includes encouraging them to express their questions and feelings along the way.

“Things adoptees want us to know” featuring Madison Wright is the first installment in a series designed to give us a look in to the mind and hearts of adoptees. While every adoption story is different the foundational loss is the same – the loss of biological connection. In her book, Eldridge explains the challenges presented by this specific type of trauma and presents 20 things for adoptive parents to ponder.

Madison, a former Mama’s Well guest (episode 15), talks about the need for foster and adoptive parents to validate feelings, the struggle with needing to do things perfectly, and the value of her Aunt Nicole staying with her in her fear.

This series is a must for foster and adoptive parents and will stimulate needed conversation and connection around this beautifully, complex family dynamic.

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