Episode 47
This changes everything… Author Jason Johnson on the foster adoptive journey

You’ve heard the saying “there are some things you can’t unsee”. Those can be good things that leave an indelible mark, or not so good… There’s no doubt that you can not unsee the plight of children in foster care once you’ve seen behind the curtain of the system. Once you’ve sat in family court or CPS visitation rooms. When you’ve seen the tears, confusion or rage in a child’s eyes as they seek to understand why their world is turning inside out.

It changes you.

Whatever preconceived notions you had about foster care, why the kids are there, what the system is getting wrong, you quickly leave at the door. As attorneys and legal clerks set hearing dates and child welfare workers complete forms you get a crash course in watching mothers, fathers, and children navigate a broken road.

An increased understanding of all things foster care is the tip of the change.

The insight into the plight of hurting people around us changes our marriages, our relationships with our bio-kids, our connection to our community and our spirituality. Knowledge and empathy change everything.

This week on the Mama’s Well Podcast we speak with Speaker, Blogger, and Author, Jason Johnson about his personal journey into the world of foster care and glean thoughts and wisdom from this nationally sought-after speaker.

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