Episode 50
This Crazy Ride…

Today we celebrate the number fifty. And, boy, has it been a wild ride getting here! In two totally different ways.

First, it’s my 50th birthday month! Yep, I’ve crossed over the line, and my life, like all of ours, is a collage of beautiful chaos, life giving struggle, death and resurrection. In concert with most of you reading this blog a huge part of my story has unfolded in the realm of foster care and adoption. Raising kids from hard places. And this chapter has been the most heart-warming, gut-wrenching one yet! It has birthed in my heart a new level of empathy for myself, my children, and those around me. It has delivered me to new levels of healing and self-expression.

Prime example… The Mama’s Well Podcast.

I’ve been a searcher all my life and parenting only increased my quest for knowledge and understanding. And while I love learning and sharing, the vulnerability associated with putting it out there for the world was a mountain I wasn’t ready to climb – until I met Mary Susan McConnell. Mary Susan is a fellow traveler on the road of extreme parenting. She’s the founder of the Mama Bear Podcast and adoptive mother of Abi, her beautiful, special needs daughter.

Mary Susan provided me the encouragement and compassionate push to bring Mama’s Well to life and this week while we celebrate 50 episodes I want to introduce you to her as a thank you for being on this journey with me.

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For more on Mary Susan and the Mama Bear Podcast visit: https://www.marysusanmcconnell.com

To meet Mary Susan, her daughter Abi, and uber talented songwriter husband Sean, watch the video of his newest release “Price of Love” –

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