Episode 57
Understanding trauma in the courtroom

Every child in the foster/adoptive world has spent time in the hands of the courts. And while the spectrum of circumstances that resulted in their case is a wide, there is a level of trauma associated with each one.

Deep in the heart of East Texas, a Judge, The Honorable Carole Clark observed first hand the way trauma plays out in the courts. Her experiences led her down a path of exploration that would result in a very unique friendship with Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) founder Karyn Purvis. And this relationship and exposure to trauma informed approaches would change her courtroom.

At the heart of TBRI is the understanding that negative behaviors are a symptom of unresolved trauma. Imagine a legal proceeding where the Judge, prosecutors, and defense all view cases through an empathetic lens, and you’ll get a picture of Judge Clark’s courtroom.

The inspiring story, told in the documentary “All Rise for the Children”, has become a model that many have begun to follow.

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