Episode 34
Unwrapping resilience

Webster’s defines resilience as:
– the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Undoubtedly, children from hard places like the foster care system have experienced more than their fair share of opportunities to develop resilience, but did you know that there are 4 main types of resilience and it’s possible to be strong in one area while lacking in others.

This week on the Mama’s Well podcast Dr. Bonnie Hubert talks with Tara Hutton about the four types of resilience:
Rock bottom

Relational resilience describes an individuals ability to navigate relationships and relational issues. Resource resilience refers to a persons ability to identify and deploy resources to achieve their desired objective. Street resilience is a measure of ones ability to face challenges posed by the world or others and rock bottom resilience deals with the ability to overcome the most traumatic situations and keep moving forward in a positive way.

Dr. Hubert, through her own personal experience with her foster / adoptive daughter and students under her watch as a high school guidance counselor, has learned to identify existing types of resilience and help individuals grow in their resilience across every type. Yes, despite that resilience has often been viewed as a hard-wired personality trait, resilience can be learned!

Watch and/or listen to this weeks episode and hear the heart warming story of a guidance counselor finding a daughter in one of her students and embarking on a journey that would change all of their lives.

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Get to know Dr. Hubert at her coaching website www.wedevelopyou.com/hubert
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