Episode 27
We gave him a home. He gave us a purpose that changed EVERYTHING.

Have you ever done anything that you thought was for someone else, and it ended up being for you? Maybe it was a gift you picked out for someone only to realize that the look on their face far outweighed the cost. Maybe a gift of your time to a friend in need right in the middle of an overwhelmingly busy week that resulted in a word or a hug that you’d really been needing. Life seems to often work like that. The giver realizes that the real gift was for them.

That message rings loud and clear in this weeks episode of the Mama’s Well Podcast. Bryan and Kristi Murphy share their foster adoptive story and their own realization of the the paradox of the whole thing! The Murphy’s, bio parents of three and owners of multiple fitness clubs discuss a multitude of gifts they’ve discovered on their foster adoptive journey and give us a window into three profound truths.

1. Responding to needs around you creates joy. – The simple act of noticing the immediate world around us and responding with kindness, compassion, sacrifice, and/or other positive energy creates a connection with the people, community, or need to which you’re engaging. Even responding to difficult situations yields an internal satisfaction that brings an internal joy.

2. Stretching yourself brings growth. – Opening ourselves up to new challenges provides an opportunity for us to increase our understanding and endurance. Taking next steps, for example, becoming respite certified allows our hearts and minds to consider what the next “next step” might be.

3. Perspective changes everything. – I’ve heard it said that you can’t “unsee” something. Simply defined, when our perspective shifts our mind is now aware of a new set of circumstances. This episode of the podcast is a textbook example of this truth. The Murphy’s, thru a shift in perspective brought on by their foster adoptive journey, experienced a shift in the way they see the world, their community, and their business. The result is a beautiful metamorphosis that is now being felt by their entire community.

What is the next step for you in your personal journey. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share your stories of how your acts of service have created joy in your life.

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There are many ways to get involved with children in need.  Here are just a few ideas…
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