Episode 35
What it means to survive

Foster / Adoptive children are survivors. No matter how early they were placed, how smooth the transition went, how limited the trauma was, or how loving the home is, there are for some, conscious reminders, and for all – unconscious ones.

For many children from hard places their lessons in survival start very young. Abuse and neglect present situations where basic instincts like hunger drive children to actions beyond their years. Heartbreaking stories, like one released in the news this week. A drug addicted mother dies of an overdose in Tennessee. Her three year old scavenges for food to feed the one year old who is strapped in a car seat in the room where her body lies. When authorities finally perform a welfare check they find the mother and infant deceased and the three year old in critical condition near a car seat littered with food wrappers and scraps of food. The three year old survives and did all he could to help the younger sibling.

These stories are all too common, and while tragic, they highlight the resilience of humans in difficult circumstances. This week on the Mama’s Well Podcast we talk with survivor Serenity Vega and take a look at the victory and struggles innate in survival. Gratefulness, regret, hope, loss, pride and shame – a roller coaster of emotions stemming from the simple act of making it through.

Don’t miss this young woman’s inspiring story.

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Angela Ray
Angela Ray
2 years ago

Serenity thank you so much for sharing your story. You are a beautiful and amazing young woman!!

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