Episode 23
What’s Next for Mamas Well?

This week my husband, Kyle, hijacks the host chair and puts me on the spot about what’s next in Mamas Well world…
Actually he helps me do something that’s not always the easiest for me. Look at how far things have come. See, I have a tendency to look at what hasn’t been done, and not give a long enough look at all the wonderful things that have happened. So, in this episode we’re doing just that. Talking about the amazing things that have happened on the Mamas Well journey so far.

But at some point the conversation shifts. Kyle really puts me in the hot-seat and asks me about the future of Mamas Well. The reason that’s the hot-seat for me is that I have to OWN my hopes, dreams and plans in a PUBLIC way. To be honest, I like dreaming quietly because it exerts no pressure on me. If you, or no one else knows what I’m thinking then I don’t have to risk putting myself out there and possibly not achieving the goal. A classic “fear of failure” tactic.

Well, Kyle blows that out of the water by asking about what I know is a critical next step for Mamas Well – training modules for foster/adoptive parents. There, I said it. On demand trainings that will be available on our website and God willing, continuing education credit certified by agencies that require foster/adoptive families to have varying amounts of CE training annually.

We’re working hard to make that dream a reality and if you’d like an accountability partner for any of your goals or dreams leave a comment in the comment section below and let’s cheer each other on!

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Jennie Moyer
Jennie Moyer
3 years ago

Hey Tara. My adopted daughter’s skin color is different than mine. She started noticing our differences when she was three. She notices that our skin is a different color. She notices the way I ‘do my hair’ is different than the way we ‘do her hair’. I would love some expert guidance on how to help her love the way God created her, to celebrate her appearance, to make her feel lovely in her own skin as she grows. You were asking for topics….this is an area where I feel like I need help! I want to do this well.

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