Episode 25
Why somedays we just want to wear yoga pants with Dr. Jennifer Bogardus, PT, PhD

Somedays the only thing you’ll find me in is yoga pants… I’m quite sure this is a common trend. So what is it that makes me forego the blue jeans for the softer comfort of the familiar fabric? The answer is deeper than you think.

This week in the second installment of a conversation with Dr. Jennifer Bogardus, PT, PhD we get down to business talking about trauma and the effects on sensory and psychological development of foster/adoptive children. Dr. Bogardus, and adoptive mom of 2 special needs children from China, is a physical therapist who is currently writing a book on trauma and the relationship with the mind, body and soul. The adoption of her children and subsequent navigation of their special needs has expanded her physical therapy practice to include a holistic focus on the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of trauma therapy.

As a foster/adoptive mom myself I can testify to the fact that dealing with the behaviors our children exhibit as a result of their trauma can seem impossible in the moment. I’m so appreciative of the little gems that Dr. Bogardus offers that are easy to recall in a moment of conflict that can shift the approach to an outburst or tantrum.

First – remember that our foster/adoptive children’s responses to stimulation are for the most part physiological. Their instinctual actions are tied back to their trauma.

Second – our children’s chronological age and their emotional/psychological age are not the same. Understanding their individual stories can help us identify and understand where they missed out on important developmental opportunities and milestones.

Third – It’s easy for our children’s trauma to become our trauma. Self-care and education are two key ways to to help keep their behaviors from creating negative responses of our own.

And finally – SOME DAYS WE JUST WANT TO WEAR YOGA PANTS. Yep, it can be that simple. For more on sensory and emotional issues that can drive our kids to what can seem like illogical responses be sure to listen/watch the podcast. Bottom line, our children need comfort and compassion, and we do too…

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If you’re interested in more on how the body stores our trauma check out this article

The Body Keeps the Score…Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD is also a great resource that has helped me tremendously in better understanding just how our bodies hold trauma and the many therapeutic options available for healing.

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