Episode 59
Conversation with “The Connected Parent” author Lisa Qualls

Attachment is possibly the single most important concept for parents in the foster/adoptive community. And for obvious reasons. Even an infant experiences an extreme interruption in attachment when removed from a biological parent. And regardless the specifics of age and conditions, the bottom line is that when attachment is broken reconnecting is a challenge.

Sounds logical right? Attachment comes thru connection. So brush up on those healthy connection strategies and live happily ever after…??? Here’s the curve ball. Our ability as parents to connect with our kids from hard places is based on our attachment style. Yup. The connectedness, or lack thereof, that we experienced at a very young age will play into the relationship in a big way.

Good news is, that no matter where we started, there are things we can put into practice that can tremendously benefit our kids, and ourselves, when it comes to connection and attachment.

This week the Mama’s Well Podcast features the Author of “The Connected Parent”, Lisa Qualls. Her book, cowritten with the late Dr. Karyn Purvis, gives insight and hope to parents of foster/adoptive children.

In this episode we discuss:
What is connection? Attachment? And how the two are related.
Tools for developing secure attachment.
Taking care of yourself as a parent.
And much more

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